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FootPrint International Exhibition

1/22/17 3:00-6:00pm



Featuring eighty works by sixty-two artists representing sixteen states and fourteen countries, this juried biennial print competition and exhibition is limited to works that measure exactly twelve inches by twelve inches, one square foot.

On view through March 5, 2017

By appointment to:

Since 2008, The Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk, Connecticut, has hosted the Biennial Footprint International, a juried competition and exhibition of fine art prints that are exactly one square foot in size.  Attracting work from 16 states and 14 international countries,  the recent 5th Footprint is an exploration of the particular challenges of working in this unique format.  


Relatively uncommon in art before the 20th century,  the square format confronts both the artist and the viewer to contend with a space that is neither landscape nor portrait. 


The square format has become more prevalent with digital images, the internet, Instagram and social media,  adopting it as a standard format for showing what is happening now.  The 12 inch by 12 inch square (or 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm) truly becomes a fitting "snapshot" through which we can explore and discover the interests and individual styles of contemporary printmakers from around the world.  While the size restriction limits the prints scale and margins, the artists employ a tremendous variety of techniques and printing possibilities, ever expanding the boundaries of contemporary printmaking.



Christine Aaron
Ahlam Al Arif
Joanna Anos
Frances Ashforth
Alberto Balletti
Hélène Bautista
Tom Bennett
Shirley Bernstein
Giulio Bonatti
Karen Brussat Butler 
Myles Calvert 
Iza Campos
Eliza Cardwell
Annette Olsen Caspeller
Monica Chulewicz
Robert Creighton
Jordan Shea Crumbley
Anne Desmet
Sirje Eelma
William Evertson
Mary Farrell
Beth Fein
Lisa Flynn
Cindi Ford
Robin Fruchter
Donald Furst
Brigitte Gagnon
Eva Gallizzi
John Graham
Louise Gros
Kate Hanlon
Nicci Haynes 
Nina Jordan
Karen Kalkstein
Ruth Kalla Ungerer
Cristina Keller
Aoife Layton
Maria Lukomska
Jonathan McFadden
Larinda Meade
Guen Montgomery
Kristina Norvilaitė
Paul Painting
Heidi Palmer
Paula Pohli
DeAnn Prosia 
Bonnie Rigg
Christie Rosenberg
Tim Ross
Miriam Rudolph
Scott Schnepf
Nomi Silverman
Valerie Syposz
Juha Tammenpaa
William Waitzman
Elisabeth Walden
Zach Werbalowsky
Art Werger
Patricia White
Cleo Wilkinson
Daniela Zekina
Sergey Zlotnikov



America Rodriguez
Carlos Jesus Martinez Dominguez 
Liana Emilia Garcia
Luanda Lozano
Moses Ross
Pepe Coronado
Rene de los Santos
Scherezade Garcia

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