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Julio Valdez Project Space is a regular exhibitor twice a year at the Affordable Art Fair, New York. We have been doing this fair for 12 years now. It also exhibits at Art on Paper, New York, since 2017 and the recent Superfine Art fair in Washington DC, where I met Paul Becker at a panel discussion we had. 


JVS Project Space was created in response to the high demand for artist exhibition spaces in New York City. Julio Valdez Project Space is a regular exhibitor twice a year at the Affordable Art Fair, as well as Art on Paper fair, both in New York City.


Our physical exhibition spaces in are in East Harlem, New York City, as part of Julio Valdez Studio, LLC since 2013. Our space provides professional artists the opportunity to develop and exhibit their work in the city. 


JVS Project Space brings a new dynamic to the burgeoning East Harlem art scene by offering established and emerging artists the opportunity to develop and present an installation or a new body of work to an audience of artists, collectors, curators and art enthusiasts. JVS Project Space also serves as a space to conduct follow-up meetings with contacts after having participated in an art event in New York City or elsewhere, such as a solo or group exhibition or an art fair.


Inspired by mentor, great teacher and artist Robert Blackburn, Julio Valdez Studio, LLC continues to be a space for artists to learn, create and find community and inspiration through the creative potential of art-making in New York City. In tandem with Julio Valdez Studio, LLC, JVS Project Space allows artists to create and facilitate opportunities by presenting and sharing their work, here, in the nexus of the art world.

176 East 106th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10029

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