Susan Stair

"I make mixed media explorations of nature.  Currently my focus is on Trees. The 

work is intended to provide a tactile entrance into the lives of trees. Tree bark 

shares some of the same properties as human skin, reacting to forces from 

within and without and is a vehicle for new growth and aging. Its possible to 

identify tree bark as one would identify a human face. 


Clay Drawings are topographical reliefs of living trees, made with slabs of clay. I 

take the clay to the tree then start by selecting a part of the tree to lift like a print.  

Like photography, the image isn’t clear until it has been developed: fired, glazed, 

and fired again.


Trees are powerful metaphors that project stillness at the same moment that they 

are centers of energy. Through photosynthesis, they provide life-giving oxygen 

and nourishment to all in the world. In their community each tree holds a story of 

race, age, damage and survival."


--Susan Stair

Aging Yoshino Cherry
Dawn Redwood
Japanese Golden Larch
Forest thru Trees

176 East 106th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10029

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