Diane Churchill

I am an abstract painter. After years of painting with fully saturated color and images relating to the forces of nature in the land and sun, my work has moved into the sphere of water and air, pale palettes, and the ephemeral.  I cannot say why.


The new imagery has demanded new techniques and media. The mica stone and glass bead jel I use are more visible with their fluctuating sparkle in the physical paintings than the digital images.  Some pieces, such as “Resistance” are heavily encrusted; in others these reflective materials are more delicately applied.  Brushes are now often replaced by mop heads, trowels, and other tools for the intended, defined line of a brush does not carry enough of the force of nature.


Whether the composition is gently flowing and descending or rising up with furious energy, all these compositions are symbolic of psychological, emotional states within us. Water and air are part of our bodies and our environments, and evocative of the flow and charge of our emotional lives.

Lucky 7
Breath, Good
Love Story
In the Forest

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