Claudia Polzer

My work is both autobiographical and universal. As a youngster, I experienced profound spiritual experiences in the woods of New Hampshire and insights in the fields of Kansas. Whether seen in painting, drawing, collage or installation, my life is a long line of making meaning of the forces I feel in my life beyond the five senses. I hope to draw attention to the mystical quality in each of us that I have come to relate to through art and contemplation. There is an inner knowing of divinity that I wish to share, and wisdom that emanates from engaging with spiritual aspects. These experiences of engagement are sometimes beautiful and complex, perhaps strange and uncomfortable, other moments are silent and simple. There is a force that wants to be seen, and while acknowledging the imperfect mirror of myself to ‘capture’ it as it filters through my emotions, I aspire always to make sense of and communicate these experiences authentically in art. I witness higher meaning. My paintings shown here in the JVS Project Space are a way of notating such experiences on a spiritual path and are, as such, autoethnographic forms of research.

Fallen warriors off the deer path, acrylic on linen canvas, wrapped on wood fram
Pray for Grace
Garden of Sacrifice
Invoking Art

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