Annell Livingston

Since, 2002, I have been thinking about and experimenting with images of still life, seeking a contemporary image of still life.  Through deconstruction/reconstruction, I have at last found an image based on still life, that I think is "new."  Gouache is my favorite medium, but graduations are difficult, and I have found a way of creating graduations in these new still lifes. After completing about a hundred images of this new series of still life, I have returned to Fragments.  It seems I work in a series until I have exhausted it, or myself, put it away and then after a time I return to it, and it is "new" again for me.



I am an artist who is in the studio everyday, I love to paint and to draw, and I have been doing it for almost five decades I have learned  that "to be an artist," is a life-time study. For me, two of the reasons I keep "at it"  are; the goal is illusive,  and it is always just out of reach.



Some of my favorite artists are; Frederick Hammersley, Agnes Martin, Oli Shivonen, Bridget Riley, Frank Stella, Ellsworth Kelly, Wayne Thiebaud, Sam Scott, Katherine Chang Liu, Anne Trueitt  and so many others.

Fragments Geometry & Change  #173
Fragments Geometry and change #182
Fragments Geometry & Change  #175

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