Annell Livingston

Since, 2002, I have been thinking about and experimenting with images of still life, seeking a contemporary image of still life.  Through deconstruction/reconstruction, I have at last found an image based on still life, that I think is "new."  Gouache is my favorite medium, but graduations are difficult, and I have found a way of creating graduations in these new still lifes. After completing about a hundred images of this new series of still life, I have returned to Fragments.  It seems I work in a series until I have exhausted it, or myself, put it away and then after a time I return to it, and it is "new" again for me.



I am an artist who is in the studio everyday, I love to paint and to draw, and I have been doing it for almost five decades I have learned  that "to be an artist," is a life-time study. For me, two of the reasons I keep "at it"  are; the goal is illusive,  and it is always just out of reach.



Some of my favorite artists are; Frederick Hammersley, Agnes Martin, Oli Shivonen, Bridget Riley, Frank Stella, Ellsworth Kelly, Wayne Thiebaud, Sam Scott, Katherine Chang Liu, Anne Trueitt  and so many others.

176 East 106th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10029

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