Alise Loebelsohn

Alise Loebelsohn graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in painting. She studied in France and at the Art Students League in NYC. While at Pratt, she worked for an organization that created murals in hospitals and mental institutions in deep need of beautification. Alise ran the studio for two years, helping with color decisions and also giving others help with technique and process.

While still in college she proposed and created a 132’ long fish mural on the boardwalk in Coney Island. She received a grant from Dewey Albert (owner of the amusement park next door.) and then he hired her to work for him.

Alise then worked for Evergreene Painting Studios for several year, travelling and executing large outdoor murals mainly for the Architect Richard Haas. One job included stenciling the Old Executive Office Building at the White House for over a year.
From 1987-1994, Alise worked as the only female billboard painter in NYC. While there she painted the DKNY add on Houston Street. She worked in Times Square and on numerous billboards all over NYC.

When billboards were becoming more computerized she switched to another union focusing on decorative painting. She worked for Creative Finishes for 6 years working mainly in the large stores on Fifth Ave. like Bendels , Bergorf Goodman, Nike Town doing finishes such as Venetian Plaster, Gold leafing and Murals.

In 2001 she started her own mural and decorative painting company called Pompeii Studios LLC. Pompeii has been hired for a diverse range of commercial, corporate and private homes including the Jonathon Woodner Housing Complex, Washington Square Hotel and Bryant Park.
Alise always worked on her own paintings while growing her business. She has shown in several galleries in NY over the years and last year had a One Person Show at the Gertrude White Gallery in Greenwich Ct.
Thoughout working as a professional decorative painter She stored away many of the techniques that she learned. Over the last ten years she has built up a large series of paintings. She wishes to continue exploring surfaces using layers of plaster, mica powders and waxes.

She wishes to take her experience in the decorative arts and use it to pursue her own personal vision.
She lives in Brooklyn NY with her husband and two sons.

Creatures in Red and Green
Cells in Green and Blue
Mother and Child
Mother and Child

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